U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Offices

Helping to create more welcoming work environments.

A warm, welcoming environment for the USCIS helps visitors and employees feel more comfortable. We completed a full tenant fit out at the 201 Varick Street location in Manhattan, NY.

The entryway/waiting area is modern and bright with touches of wood and plush, individual seats and a clear view into the space. The in-line teller desks provide ample privacy and space for family members to stay together and not feel rushed. The back-office spaces are modern and brightly colored to bring a sense of cheerfulness to the employees’ workdays.

Desk areas are open and clean with plenty of filing and storage space, and the break room includes modern appliances and ample seating. This new, modern take on a public space is humanized to provide a more positive experience for the people going through the immigration process.

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